Running With the Proper Gear Increases Performance

Theres something about running that I find fascinating... It is the ability to push myself beyond the limits of what my mind says what I can and cannot do. When I surpass everything my mind tells me to do- which is all the I can'ts or stop or we cannot go any further! I disregard the minds request and keep on running. As a result, endorphins release and I am on a total high running for much longer than I expected. It feels like I can keep going on and on without stopping, but then There are things i have to attend to so I keep it to a certain amount of time, although the intensity of running increases.



There is a balance between intensity and time. If you are limited to time, increase intensity. If you are limited in intensity increase time to run. However, the former is much more effective for you in the long run- time wise and intensity wise. The latter helps with gradual improvement, but there will eventually be a plataeu in which you will hit.


With that said, it is important to have the proper gear when you go Running. Some runners wear some really great running shoes along with their running socks. If you have shin splits as most runners do- you can get some compression sleeves for shin splints. Either way, you should equip yourself with some good running socks with toes.


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