What to Wear During Fall?

The trees in fall starts to change color. Leaves drip afloat slow onto the ground. Falls breeze starts to happen. A great season for new fashion attire. So where do we begin? What should we wear during this time? Well, of course we want to be warm and coozy so it quite logical to wear something that will keep us warm. But we will want something that is comfortable and fashionable. Not something that will make us look like clunky eskimos :) No offense.

We will need comfortable fashion ideas to suit everyone- so let's begin. First of all, if you are a girl/women you will need a good sweatshirt or sweater. Pullover hoodies for girls can be something cute as this will give some sort of mysterious look. As for the color, let's choose something bright so that you can stand out since there will usually be gloomy whether. You don't want to project yourself as dark now do ya? Unless you are into the goth fashion... that will be a whole other topic.

choice is up to you. Choose your pick.

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